animshop3 Jasc Animation Shop 3.11 is a powerful yet easy-to-use program that creates animations from one or more graphic images, This orginally use to come with Paint Shop Pro but is no longer included, this program is great for editing animation Gif files and much more.

X-Mouse Button Control Nice application to better control your mouse buttons and expand the capabilities of your mouse! If your mouse did not come with software or you lost the software or like me I wanted to stop a annoying feature on my mouse that when your using scroll wheel the push button on it would go down sometimes if you press to hard with X-mouse I disabled the middle button, and now no more annoying window scrolling down when I don't want it to.

daz3d DAZ Studio Pro is a 3D figure illustration/animation application. It is compatible with most files intended for use by Poser. Unlike most 3D software, where 3D objects are usually created from scratch, DAZ Studio is designed to allow users to manipulate "ready to use" models and figures.
bitmeteros BitMeter OS - Internet/network connection bandwidth monitor. Allows you to view this information either via a web browser to see how much your using over the internet in real time, shows last Minutes ,Hours and Days.
handbrake HandBrake - This program converts video, HandBrake is not a ripper and does not crack the latest DVD copy protection schemes.
SlimDrivers SlimDrivers - automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. SlimDrivers not only detects when a driver needs updating, but also identifies the proper executable for your system and initiates the driver install automatically.
PargonBackup Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 - Based on solid commercial backup and recovery software from Paragon, the new Backup & Recovery 2013 Free Edition.
Download Manager - It is a powerful, very easy-to-use and free download accelerator and manager, splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously, allowing you to use any type of connection at the maximum available speed. V3.9.4

CDBurnerXP - is a free application to burn CDs and DVD's, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVD's.  Works on all operating systems from Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 onwards are supported. V4.5.6

Agent Ransack - Free File Searching Utility , Finding files that other search engines miss.
GUiPex GUiPeX - GUI for UPX a EXE file compressor... Makes Program Exe files much smaller in file size.
VSO Downloader Download live videos from thousands of sites.  VSO Down loader automatically detects and downloads videos as you surf the web.  Download videos quickly. 
VSO Media Player Play various music and video files, including decrypted Blu-ray disks.  VSO Media player works all by itself,
no need to install additional software or codecs for files to be supported. 
StartupMonitor is a small utility that runs transparently (it doesn't even use a tray icon) and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup. It prevents annoying programs from registering themselves behind your back.
HWiNFO professional hardware information and diagnostic tools, Comprehensive hardware information
System health monitoring (Thermal, Voltage, Fan, Power) , 64bit and 32 bits versions.
Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4.0 The Emsisoft Emergency Kit contains a collection of programs that can be used without a software installation to scan and clean infected computers for malware. Version - Dec/2013
Duplicate File Finder affectionately known as 'DupFiles', is a utility that identifies duplicate files in one or more paths. Unlike other utilities that only check file names, Duplicate File Finder performs a binary comparison of file contents and can locate files that are alike regardless of names. Shareware
DVD Decrypter DVD Decrypter Version (final) is a software application for Windows (including Windows 7 support) that can create backup disc images of the DVD-Video structure of DVD's
MediaCoder MediaCoder R3 Last Updated: May, 2014 is a free universal media transcoder since 2005. It integrates most popular audio/video codecs and tools in an elegant and transparent manner into an all-in-one transcoding solution. With a flexible and extendable architecture, latest codecs and tools are updated added in constantly. 32 bit and 64 versions available.
ImgBurn ImgBurn version is a program that allows the recording of many types of CD/DVD images to recordable media.
FileZilla FileZilla V3.8.1 Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface. Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
YouTube Downloader YouTube Downloader Version 4.8 Software to download and convert YouTube video + others. There is a Free + Buy Pro versions.
Folder Hidden Folder Hidden is a free file/folder hiding tool. While ensuring the absolute system safety, this application can quickly hide files and folders on local partitions and/or on removable devices. The hidden files/folders will be safely hidden whether the drive is accessed in another operating system on the same computer or reinstalled on another computer. 
Registry Defrag V1.4.6 is a free registry defragmentation and cleanup tool. It can rebuild registry index safely and clear waste registry space to make it easy for Windows and other applications to find data more efficiently.
Glary Utilities One Click A Day For PC Maintenance, Keeps Any PC Problems Away. supports Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista. 32/64bit version.
Partition Wizard v9.1 Partition Wizard is a Windows based magic partition software, supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Vista Windows 7and Windows 8 ,Bootable CD version available (iso) .
MediaMonkey V3 MediaMonkey V4 Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface , Sync iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, converting & leveling tracks on-the-fly.
PINs PINs is a free feature-rich Windows program for safe and comfortable storing of any secure information like passwords, accounts, PINs etc. uses a secure 448 bit Blowfish algorithm to ensure the data are not crackable.
Drive Image XML

Drive Image XML V2.50 Image and Backup logical Drives and Partitions,
also comes with Disk Manager

TopOcr TopOCR Before you make the mistake of spending a lot of money on OCR software, you should try this Incredible OCR accuracy, up to 99.8% with a 3 MP Digital Camera or works with a scanner. (Demo or Purchase)
Radio Sure RadioSure 2.2 Streaming Internet Radio with thousands of preinstalled radio stations!
simultaneous recording of multiple stations and supporting mp3, wma playback formats.
WinDirStat WinDirStat V1.1.2 is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows
7-Zip 7-Zip V9.20 is a free file archive that supports many different formats, including ZIP and RAR.
AVG AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 Free Edition is an anti-virus application that is alot better than many commercial programs.
Audacity Audacity is a free sound editing and recording application. version 2.05 NEW December , 2013
Yazak Chat Client Yazak is a chat program that works on yahoo! and make chatting with its own chat rooms using Yazserv and now with its own Voice.
MWSnap MWSnap V3.00.0.74 is a small yet powerful Windows program for snapping (capturing) images from selected parts of the screen.
Clic Clic great Icon maker, Icons can be made from any picture contained within Windows Clipboard or click and drag for real time screen capture.
Blender Blender V2.69 is a 3D modeling and animation program.
CamStudio CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and has a built-in SWF Producer.
Scribus Scribus V1.4 is a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application which can be used to create professional quality documents.
Chrome Chrome is a fast new free browser from Google. A Fast Free web browser.
Thunderbird2 Thunderbird2 V24.5 Simple and lightweight email and news application.
Skype Skype allows you to make phone calls all over the world from your computer - to other skype users for free, and very cheaply to phones and mobiles.
Foxit Reader Foxit Reader V6 is a lightweight alternative to Adobe's Acrobat PDF reader, One of the best PDF Readers.
Firefox Firefox V5.0.1 is an excellent free browser that provides a much more secure and friendly browsing experience that Microsoft Internet Explorer.
KeePass KeePass V2.26 is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way


SpeedFan V4.49 If you need a tool that can change your computer's fan speeds,
read the temperatures of your motherboard and your hard disk, read voltages and fan speeds
License Maker License Maker This not a program but a web site, to make different american state car License plates, pretty cool.
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